Saturday, April 26, 2014

both sides now

i shaved my legs.

this isn't a big deal; sometimes i keep them shaved. in my youth i made a point to learn to like them furry if i left them that way, but for purposes of biking or jamming my legs into ski boots i usually am more comfortable shaved.

what IS notable is that i often only shave one leg at a time because if i do them both in the shower that takes a lot of time and doing them every other day works pretty good for me and quick showers.

but the last day i shaved was april 5th (i only remember because it was the day BEFORE the giant bruise) and i only did one leg then, so it's been kind of visually jarring. happily, the shaved leg was the bruised one, and tending to wounded areas is much easier if it's shaven.

so it's been one unusually furry leg and one clean shaven but spectacularly bruised leg. i still have that huge goose egg on my shin, so THAT looks lovely.

if by lovely, you mean deformed.

but now they're both shaved so if i go dancing i will be able to stand myself. and maybe not look so weird.

at neffa they're used to women who don't shave and men who wear dresses, but it would just feel weird to get all dressed up with only one leg shaved.

so yeah. both sides now.


1 comment:

cookie said...

...although, a furry goose egg would have been quite a sight to see. ;) I hope it's on its way to healing quickly. I have a theory about Sasquatch sightings; they're just out-of-focus snaps of women campers with their unshaven-for-a-week legs running to the latrine in the night.


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