Wednesday, April 02, 2014


the fun doesn't end when your data gets recovered and you fire up your photo program.

today i held my breath and opened iphoto to start importing the photos that i took during the hiatus and discovered that while the photos are all there, they lack the sorts of labels that i am accustomed to enjoying, such as the dates they were taken.

and there was a lot of video i shot before the crash. video takes up a LOT of room.

a  LOT.

and some of it is garbage, but some of it is stuff i needed.

but you need to be able to look at it in order to determine which things are the ones you need.

and because of the panic of the crash, i needed to make sure i had things saved and because of a downloading glitch i had multiple copies of some of it.

it is taking time to review and delete the copies because i can't trust the labels. and i have to relabel the whole library. while i'm in there i'm doing a little housecleaning and throwing out pictures that on sober reflection i don't need anymore.

short version: i still have no photos to show you.

in other news, i made bread pudding today.

why? because for some reason cookie seems to think i should make pudding.

stay tuned.

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