Monday, April 21, 2014

feet up

ok, so i still have a gigantic goose egg on my shin that looks a lot like my calf muscle when it has a lot of definition. it's not supposed to look that way.

i am behind in my blog reading list.

my ipod is dead, or the battery is.

my new map software is working well, but i am having the usual troubles learning to use the new software.

i am trying to clean up my winter gear to put it away for the year. i am also trying to check and assemble my spring gear.

my hair is too long. i need a haircut in the worst way but i am putting it off for may 1, which is the traditional day i get my head shaved because when i go on my roadtrip i have to jug wash and a shaved head is an easily cleaned one.

i've sort of figured out where i want to go, because i found an interesting geocaching project near some campsites i already know about. it will involve hiking, biking, and kayaking.

it could just take a couple of days, or it could take a couple of weeks. after that, i don't know where i'll go.

it's nice to have a project, though.

wednesday morning i have to go to the hospital to have a pair of little procedures done which would not particularly worry me except that i historically do not do very well under general anesthesia. my better experiences with general anesthesia involve screaming, searing, nightmare-inducing pain when the chemical goes in.

my least happy experience with it involved a white knuckle ambulance ride, because my allergic reaction to the meds only manifested hours after i was already home, and i live about forty minutes from the hospital.

it makes me kind of nervous.

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