Wednesday, April 30, 2014

bye, hair

i was looking at my hair last night. it is very unusual for me to have enough hair on my head to notice, but it has a nice color: a kindof honey-red brown with enough interspersed grey hairs to make it look shimmery.

and i got lucky in the grey hair lottery, because some people get that horrid yellow grey and some people get the nice white shimmery one.

but it really is too long. it is too long to be comfortable in the house, and it is WAY too long to be washed out of a jug on the road.

so in an hour or so i'll go into richmond and get it cut. if it's someone besides jason when i get it done, they always want to try to do it with scissors. they do not believe me when i say "get out the clippers", as if i am unaware how short that will be.

if i was forty pounds lighter i would  just have them shave me bald because when i'm lighter it's a cute look for me.

either way, i am eagerly awaiting a return to a comfortable amount of hair.

and you know what? it doesn't gotta be pretty.

in principle i am not here for the visual enjoyment of others. but really, i don't need to have nice-looking hair to go tromping all over the north maine wilderness. i need a head i can damp mop clean in a hurry when it's bedtime.

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Zhoen said...

Amen. Had my hair that short for several years, when life was expecting a lot of me. I just had to keep cutting it, though.

Which is why it's quite long, and tie-back-able now. Never have to have it cut at all.


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