Saturday, April 12, 2014

mud derby

ok, so you're just driving along a familiar road and you notice a driver careering wildly across the road, traveling at erratic speeds, weaving from shoulder to shoulder, sometimes taking the oncoming lane, and sometimes taking the center. they move along at a clip in their own lane, and creep to a dead crawl most other places.

do you call the state police to report a drunk driver?

do you honk at them and yell at them to STOP TEXTING and get off their frakking phone?

do you silently fume about the incompetency and rudeness of other drivers?

or do you silently thank them for testing the five mile track of axle-deep quiver-sucking mud that the roads have suddenly become because it's MUD SEASON and that's the way we all drive?

woo! mud bogging! we drive in any lane we want!

usually there's a path you can pick that will hold up under the weight of your car.

if not, someone will come and give you a push.

1 comment:

Cookie said...

Your description of this scenario made me laugh out loud. :) But I saw a lovely quote yesterday by Thich Nhat Hanh: "No mud, no lotus." *wink*


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