Sunday, April 20, 2014


i think i have mentioned that i've been eating a lot of frozen burritos these days. it counts as real food, because if you go tot the trouble of making burritos and freezing them, you cooked them.

i showed up at my mom's office last week with a frozen burrito to give her, which i handed to her saying "i am only giving you this because you're my mom and i love you", because i like these burritos so well that it feels like a hardship to part with even ONE.

and she wrote back to me to say

that burrito was awesome. i think it was probably the best burrito i've ever had. can i have the recipe?

to which i answered, more or less,


taco filling made with quorn grounds TVP (use any premix taco season you like)
black rice and beans (there are premade mixes in the mexican aisle and the rice aisle)
onions cooked down not quite caramelized
vegetarian refried beans
grated cheese
burrito wrap

cook the parts up, put it all in there and roll

it's a lot of pans at once but it takes only about an hour and then you have a freezer full of delicious burritos. and there's no stopping you eating it with a little lettuce or something.

my mm is impressed, i think, because  my childhood was one in which there was always a freezer full of burritos. when we had taco night at our house my mom would make enough for a small army and after dinner lay out dozens of burrito wrappers and fill and freeze them.

i think the primary difference is the beans an rice and the onions, plus when mine are frozen, i bag them in freezer-weight ziplocs and squeeeze the extra air out. while in my childhood there was no shortage of frozen burritos at snacktime, there was also no shortage of slightly freezerburned burritos.

it's important, also, to roll the burrito properly, which i think my mom did not know how to do. i only learned it last year when i saw a youtube video about it.

and if you have a freezer full of burritos, you never have to worry if you're too tired to make dinner or don't have anything you can eat for lunch.

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