Monday, April 14, 2014

bumpalumps and bruisles

they're more fun if you give them a cute name.

ok, that's an out-and-out lie.

today is day nine of the bruises and i am now quite firmly bored of it. quite frankly, that time i was run over by a truck on route two i got less bruising, plus it SOUNDED more dramatic.

"fell skiing" just does not have the same ring to it as "run over by a truck", even if it is only a light duty pickup.

today was my first day without the compression sleeve, and i felt pretty good walking around up until the part where i had to go out and find a geocache. more to the point, i felt pretty good up until the point i was looking for my THIRD UNFOUND cace in a row and sadly moving on to another cache i might be able to find without too much suckage and my the time i started on that fourth attempt, i was moving only slightly more sprightly than my grandmother, who is ninety-four years old and has a broken hip.

i don't need to look sprightly, or even stylish for that matter. all i need to do is find one geocache.

and if i'm going to be brutally honest, all i NEED to do is continue breathing in and out. performing basic life maintenance tasks like bathing and eating are a plus.

the sun will go down soon.

then it will be bedtime.

meantime, i have a little dish of pudding to eat.

mmm, pudding.

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