Tuesday, April 29, 2014

open letter to the town of duxbury highway department

dear town of duxbury highway department,

i realize it's a difficult thing to keep your roads open what with mud season and washouts and maybe you do have to close some roads for while but i really think it would be good if maybe you put up signs to tell people who might be using crossett hill that the road is closed.

this would be especially handy since crossett hill road has two entrances and the washout is two miles up the hill away from route one hundred.

since it has been suggested that you put up such a sign and you have not yet done it, i'm going ot give you very specific instructions:

1) get two signboards, a sharpie marker, and some zip ties. write this on them: crossett hill road closed between pollander and westcott.

2) put one up at the northern entrance of crossett hill and the other at the southern entrance.

3) when the road opens again, take the signs down.

this prevents visitors from driving up crossett hill two miles only to find the road is closed and they have to return and come up by the other entrance.

it also prevents residents from having to guess about whether or not the road got repaired while they were out at work.

and no, having the school call the families with school age children to notify them the bus won't be coming up for the rest of the year does not qualify as providing the residents of your town and visitors to your town with adequate information as to the condition of your road.

once again: PUT UP SIGNS.

additionally, the proper location for the signs is ON ROUTE 100, where they will actually give people information they need at the place where they need it.


well, scoot. don't just stand there scratching your head. get out and put up some signs.

i know i have helped you.

love, flask

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