Wednesday, April 16, 2014

holy diluvial inundation, batman!

sunday morning it rained.

monday morning it rained.

tuesday it rained. alllllllll day.  i went out to find a geocache. there's a lot of flooding. mostly the culverts and bridges are holding, but down on governor peck there's a four foot culvert that rose from a foot of spare room to over capacity in about a half hour and once the culvert fills, water all upstream back up and the dominoes back up.

the jericho road crew is hot juggling tonight to keep from losing the road. water is coming over it and part of it is washed out.

all along nashville road the water is lapping at the edges of it.

and only tangentially related, today on nashville i was behind a schoolbus with three cars behind me. we were all moving along at about twelve miles an hour, which was not fast enough for the red car two cars back.

idiot. if that schoolbus COULD move faster on this jelly-soft road, it would. and if i could pass it, i would. but there's not point chafing abotu stuff that's not gonna happen, so i settled back. and the red car worked REAL hard to pass the car behind me and then me and then sat on the schoolbus's bumper for the next three miles because she'd learned what we all knew: you can't pass the schoolbus on this road today.

you just can't.

yesterday it was eighty degrees out.

tonight it is not raining.

you know why?

because it's snowing.

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