Thursday, April 10, 2014

two modes of dinner at my house

mode 1: i plan a meal, assemble the ingredients, and prepare the meal in such a fashion as the elements arrive on the plate at more or less the same time. this is then eaten on the sofa.

mode 2: i wander into the kitchen and begin eating whatever is in reach while preparing items that may or may not be entrées or side dishes and more often than not eat them as they become ready. even when i have consumed enough food to make a meal, for some reason i am not yet not hungry and so wander around the house thinking: maybe i should eat something crunchy. no, wait. i HAD something crunchy. what i really want is some of those horrid little gummy candies, but i don't have any, so maybe a little dish of bittersweet chocolate chips will suffice?

man, i really have to get a grip.

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