Thursday, April 17, 2014

more pudding!

first off, i'm only doing this because cookie wants it. second, i am super honored that kristin used the bread pudding recipe from a week or so ago as a jumping off point because i read what she posts about in her kitchen and i think i am just a small fry.

uh, anyway. today i am experiencing pain that i would describe as intermittently subsuming. today because it was warm this morning i did not put on my tights. more specifically when i woke up i took them off and did not put them on again. i was feeling jaunty, so i called up a friend and offered to make a light dinner and a little light geocaching after.

so i took pizza dough out of the freezer and started making chocolate pudding and because i was feeling a little jaunty, i cleaned the upstairs bathroom, emptied the trash, did a little vacuuming, and washed the front windows.

then the pain started.

the kind of pain where you just lie on the sofa panting, trying to figure out what the hell you DID.

so. ice, elevation, compression.

but i have half made chocolate pudding and shaved asparagus pizza, so bit by bit i'm forcing myself to get up and finish those tasks.

and i realize that i've just made a long post about how i came to be making pudding, but i hate it when i'm looking for a recipe on someone's blog and i have to wade through tons of story to find out HOW TO MAKE THE BLASTED PUDDING, so i'm going to make that a separate entry. sit tight, it's coming.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sorry you're in pain - hope you feel better soon so you can REALLY enjoy the pudding.


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