Thursday, May 29, 2014

another day.

'k. so this morning i woke up and it was looking to be a nice day so i had breakfast and decided that i should go geocaching.

then i thought that i should maybe have something a little more substantial to eat, because out playing.

put on my geocaching contacts and appropriate shoes and out the door.

got down to the stop sign before i realized that i had left my microwaved freezer burrito (but homemade, so points for that) next to the door where i left it while i was tying my shoes so i had to go back to get it.

after that it was pretty unremarkable, except for the old quarry with the 450 million year old fossilized limestones, the salmon spawning hole, and the sudden and uncomfortable discovery that i am horribly, terribly allergic to honeysuckle.

and i saw bunnies.

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