Monday, May 05, 2014

campsite in eustis

flask, i hear you mutter, isn't it may? aren't you supposed to be off in some god-forsaken wilderness having adventures?

why yes. yes i am.

yes, i did leave my snug little home to go live in my car for a couple of weeks. later on i will have more things to tell you, but for now i will just post for you a video of the road to eustis and some photos at and near my campsite.

a word about the video: in it i say i was crossing back into the US from new brunswick, but really it was quebec. i didn't particularly plan to get to eustis by way of canada, but i took a little side trip and if you look at a map you will see that people actually live on the canadian side of the border and there are roads there, so if you go through canada it saves you about an hour and a half on the trip if you don't get held up at customs.

view near campsite view of campsite view from campsite evening view from bed morning view 

(blech. yahoo, in an attempt to be more with it, has changed flickr's function AGAIN. note to yahoo: everybody loves flickr. nobody likes yahoo. keep yahoo-ing up flicker and people will learn to hate flickr. also, google, give up on G+. it was interesting when you started it because it was a nice facebook alternative for those of us who hate facebook, but then you kept changing it to have more of the things we hate about facebook. plus! even more odious "features".)

 if you want to see the pictures full size, you can go here.


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