Monday, May 26, 2014


right now, as i write this, there's a bunny in my driveway.

this is notable because it's the first time in all the years i have lived here that i've ever seen a rabbit in the driveway.

foxes, yes. deer, yes. even moose on the back patio, but i have never until now seen a rabbit.

this particular rabbit is large and healthy and relaxed, lying down a little while quietly munching fresh dandelions. it appears unconcerned with the dangers of predation and is right out in the open.

it is a large rabbit, maybe too large for the neighborhood cats.

or for falcons.

and it gets weirder.

a neighbor pulled up in her car and walked to her front door passing about fifteen feet behind the rabbit.

i thought the rabbit would get scared and run off.

the rabbit did not seem to care, and the neighbor did not appear to notice the HUGE HONKIN' rabbit on the lawn. out in the open.eating dandelions.

the neighbor has gone inside.

the rabbit is still there.

it's sitting back on its haunches, scratching an ear. supremely unworried, for a rabbit.


Zhoen said...

Sometimes, boldness beats wariness.

Pixie Blue said...

Even my bunny, a super-calm and relaxed domestic bunny, would not have acted so unconcerned. Did you get a picture? Wild rabbits are usually intensely skittish about everything. Including, literally, their own shadows.


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