Thursday, May 08, 2014

kind of a one way conversation

hello, people who read my blog.

many of you also have blogs that i regularly read, although i sometimes don't comment much if i don't feel i have much to add to the conversation.

if you notice me missing, it is because i'm not reading any of my RSS feeds while i'm up here in the maine woods.

i just don't have that kind of time to park at the library and use the internet in my car. i mean, i COULD sit here for hours and hours and if it was raining horribly i might do it, but the point of coming up here and living in my car is to go play in the outside, so i check my email, process a few photos, catch up on a little of the games i play, and then i scoot along and go do outdoorsy things.

bit by bit i will have pictures and stories for you but right now i'm out doing things.

so yeah, i do wonder how life is for you in the pacific northwest. i wonder how your gardener is doing. i wonder how things are at blackrock. i wonder how your dog is and what crazy people you had to talk to on the phone. i hope your cats are getting along.

i'm just not catching up on the reading for a while.

but i'll be back.

carry on.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

please! enjoy life!

Zhoen said...

Enjoy, unplug. We'll be here.


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