Monday, May 19, 2014

bad boys

so yesterday i was at a party, getting ready to have lunch and someone shouts "hey, flask! you got a flat tire!"

sure enough.

this, i don't need.

but i'm at a party with geocachers and geocachers are nothing if not resourceful.

and handy.

so chip, who is the husband of the party host, who i have only just met that morning, says he'll go get his air compressor right after lunch.

and after lunch there are some people who i want to go caching with and i figure getting my tire fixed is going to be an all day kind of thing, especially on a sunday afternoon, so i tell the people i'll talk to chip about how to go about getting the tire fixed and i go to look for him and i can't find him in the crowd which is mostly because he's not in the crowd.

he's in the parking lot, just finishing up inflating my tire.

and he's managed to find a local guy who will fix my tire NOW.

by "local guy", i mean "three mailboxes over on the left". and by "now", i mean that he's ready for me when i get there.

you want to guess how much that kind of service cost me?

on a sunday afternoon?

go on, guess. i'll wait.

*goes to check dinner in the oven*

the guy has a big sign in the shop that says he doesn't take credit cards, so i ask him if he'll take a check. he kind of wrinkles up his nose and says he does. "that'll be five dollars", he says.


in that case, i have cash.

in case you are ever in need of a mechanic and you happen to be on town hill in jacksonville, vt, you should call bad boys automotive.

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