Thursday, May 22, 2014

i will cut you

i am often asked when i am on the road if i am afraid to be alone on the road in remote places, especially as a woman.

first let's address that last little bit of bullshit.

a woman is not a dainty little flower that needs protecting any more than her helpless male counterpart and let me tell you, there are plenty of helpless men out there.

but no.

i am not afraid.

it's not because i am not aware of potential dangers and risks. yes, there are people out there who will hurt you, and there are critters out there who will hurt you, and there are conditions that will hurt you.

mostly you should come prepared to face the worst conditions you might face. come prepared to have to spend a week or so living on your own with no assistance. have food, water, a way to get more water, shelter, and first aid supplies. be prepared for heat, cold, and monsoon.

do you know how to make a solar still?

i do.

if you're stranded less than a day you can relax and live off supplies. if you're stranded more than a day you should already be thinking how to get more water and more food just in case more than a day turns into more than a week.

so that takes care of the weather.

most critters who would eat you won't eat you if you look like too much trouble to catch. while you are made almost entirely out of tasty meat, very few predators will prefer to eat you over, say, some nice easy rabbits.

but don't be stupid and complacent.

and as for people, most of the people you meet out in the wilderness are just like people everywhere else, if maybe they like a little more solitude than average. i have found these people are typically quick to share snack foods, beverages, time, advice, shelter, and the worse the conditions are the more generous they are.

because out in the wilds you never know when it's going to be you that gets caught short.

but yes, here and there is a person who means to do harm. you should never lose track of that idea because even though most people mean you no harm and will do you no harm, you should have a plan for what happens just in case. this means you're going to have to think about hurting someone real bad and in a hurry if you need to. you can't afford to be squeamish about it.

in all the years i've gone out in the wilds, my creep radar has only been set off a handful of times. and just in case my creep radar doesn't go off properly, i keep an eye on the escape plan because anything, anywhere, could go bad very quickly.

you should be prepared and alert but if you are afraid all the time you won't be having any fun.

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