Tuesday, May 20, 2014

open letter to staples

dear staples,

i realize that in order to have a savings card at your store (which actually comes in handy the few times a year i have to buy usuriously expensive printer ink), i have to allow you to send me twice daily emails about crappy deals for stuff i don't need or want and am not going to buy.

you do realize, don't you, that i delete them all without reading them and the constant reminder of what i have to do in order to get my printer ink cheaper only makes me try real hard to buy my other office supplies at some store that is not staples just because i don't like your intrusiveness?

yeah, i didn't think you thought of it that way, because the subject lines always sound like you think you're doing me a favor, getting in my face like i was dating a needy car salesman with attachment issues.

you're an object of ridicule in my house.

thanks for the reminders.

love, flask.

1 comment:

Kristin @ Going Country said...

They're an object of ridicule in our house, too, but mostly because they can't seem to either hire competent people or train them properly. That's the only place we can exchange our seltzer-maker CO2 canisters and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. the employee at the register has to call a manager and get walked through the process. Every time. And it's the same people! Like the same lady the last three times I've done it! Ridiculous.


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