Thursday, May 15, 2014

small potatoes

maybe you remember that earlier this year i had some potato vines come up in my living room.

well, yesterday i was kind of cleaning up some things as i was repacking the car to go off adventuring and i thought: maybe i will just pull up these dead potato vines.

and you know what? there were POTATOES! teeny, tiny little potatoes, cute as all get out and enough for maybe a half serving but they are MY potatoes, grown right in my own living room.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay how the hell did i miss that? potatoes IN YOUR LIVING ROOM?
that's odd and cool all at the same damn time.

I only have dust bunnies in mine. Not even hot sauce could make those taste better.

flask said...

it's easy, peg! you just drop some potato eyes (from the ones going bad in your pantry) into a big pot of dirt and as they start to come up you put more dirt on them.

then you forget about them for some months, mean to clean the thing out, notice they've made potato vines, keep them around as houseplants for a while and then when the vines wither you get little potatoes.

i boiled mine this morning for a little snack.



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