Friday, May 09, 2014

grey jay

so the other morning i stopped my car to repack my gear because even though it looks a mess in here, everything has to be in its place or i can't find ANYTHING, and all of a sudden there's a fluttering of wings, like when a bird is thinking of landing on your head.

we used to keep birds as pets when i was a kid, and i will tell you that there is a very distinctive look to how a bird moves when it is thinking of landing on your head. i never expect to see this behavior in wild birds.

so i'm minding my own business and this bird comes and almost lands on my head. i am apparently an object of some interest for this bird, since it circles up and lands on the handlebar of my bike. it then makes another try at landing on my head and instead perches on my car door window.

it watches me for a while from there and from the handlebar and then from a nearby tree branch and then it moves on. i learn later that
a lady in the neighborhood makes them little peanut butter sandwiches in the winter.

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