Wednesday, September 02, 2015

a day on the rez

when we were out camping on waterbury reservoir last week, barb and i saw a lot of people go by on stand up paddleboards, which looked like a LOT of fun to us.

and it's one of the things on the venture vermont challenge, so all the more reason to try, yes?

so we did.

and the awesome thing about the SUP is that you can hop on and off of it a lot easier than you can with a kayak, so easy to flit around, or just slide off into the water and go swimming.

and i can tell you plainly that when you fall off of one, it hurts a lot less than when you capsize a snark sunfish. you just slide off into the water. it's lovely.

anyway, here are some pictures.

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

Cubby got to try one of these out this summer when my husband's cousin came with his, and I was sure he was just going to fall off. But no. That kid stood right up and paddled all over the place (with the cousin right next to the board in the water, because Cubby's not a great swimmer yet). He can also paddle and steer a canoe in which are riding him, his brother, and my husband.

His current life goal is to be a mountain man/trapper, so I suppose this is a relevant skill to learn . . .


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