Tuesday, September 22, 2015

open letter to people who manufacture and sell tampons

dear manufacturers and sellers of tampons,

this plastic applicator asshattery has got to stop.

nevermind that applicatorless tampons are really more ecologically sound than the cardboard, but really. i get that sometimes we just don't want to have to jam a finger on up in there.

but plastic? seriously?

i thought we were trying to pack our landfills with LESS plastic, not more. and i realize that you don't really care about my opinion because i'm not your target demographic. one day soon i will buy my last box of tampons ever.

did i mention that day is coming soon?

anyway, it's harder and harder to get tampons of any brand or size or package without the plastic that's really going to jam up landfills and when you DO manage to find cardboard ones, they include either a sample plastic one OR the package includes a suggestion to TRY the modern, easy-to-use plastic ones.

WHY, tampon industry, WHY?

is it THAT much cheaper to produce plastic? and how much cheaper would it be if we put a surcharge on you for every one of these plastic things that goes in a landfill and a super penalty for each one of these plastic things the gets found on a beach or parking lot or ocean?

how then?

because we all DO pay for that.

it's time for you to stop this nonsense.

love, flask.

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