Saturday, September 05, 2015


i think i already mentioned how the venture vermont challenge caused me to be standing on a paddleboard for the first time ever.

i think i may have mentioned that it was a lot of fun.

so the following saturday i got myself up to umiak (where they have a test pond you can try boats in!) and i ended up buying a paddleboard. it was not, alas, the board that i liked the best, but let's face it: mountain biking is my primary sport, and i have a truckload of expensive bikes for that, so i can't just be spending bazillions of dollars on equipment for a secondary or even tertiary sport.

the board i got, though, i a pretty nice board, and it turns out that it is one of the boards favored for stand-up paddlboard YOGA, should i ever get into that.

i do not think i will ever be into that.

i have enough trouble with yoga on something that's NOT moving.

anyway, my new board is AWESOME.

here's some video.

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