Saturday, September 12, 2015

scavenger hunt update

unless you are a child or are going to an outdoor party attended by a lot of good sports the item "Create your own nature scavenger hunt and photograph your friends completing it." presents rather a challenge.

i figured i had to get creative and i asked my geographically scattered adult friends to play my scavenger hunt and provide photo documentation of their finds, which is as close as i am going to get to photographing them completing it.

the trick about a nature scavenger hunt for adults who are in diverse habitats is that you have to ask for items specific enough to be challenging, yet general enough to be possible in different locations.

my scavenger hunt list can be found here in case you missed it.

flurgh, who lives in texas, and rapunsell, who lives in new york city, were both good enough sports to take the trouble to send in completed entries and will both be receiving fabulous prize packages.

rapunsell is something of an authority on edible wild plants and would have kicked butt on that alone had it not been for the cap on points in that category. it is worth noting that her photo of a feral peach tree was taken in central park.

texas, however, is apparently a wonderland of invasive species, escaped crops, and grazing animals. and besides, flurgh managed to identify some abandoned fishing line as the BRAND NAME fireline, which is pretty darn clever and i awarded full points for that.

flurgh comes out ahead by seven or so points and is therefore declared the champeen of the 2015 flask nature scavenger hunt.

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