Friday, September 04, 2015

interpretive programs

i have been using vermont state parks since i arrived here in 1973. not once did it occur to me to go to an interpretive program at one until i did last year's venture vermont challenge.

i've still only been to programs at little river state park, because that's the one closest to my house, but i am sufficiently impressed that i have gone a couple of times SPECIFICALLY for the program.

this year barb and i went to the owl prowl and ghost hike (which is a combined nighttime nature and history walk). we planned a weekend around it and arrived at little river state park from our remote campsite via kayak.

and then hiked up from the boat landing to the hike.

and then back.

it was a fantastic no moon dark paddle back to camp after.

and then i went to the saturday morning mushroom walk, because i am interested in mushrooms in general and it is always awesome to go out into the field with someone who knows more than you do.

Brian is the naturalist at little river state park, and although his main area of expertise is ornithology in general and warblers in particular, he has made himself pretty much an expert on all the things that grow or creep in the park.

also, he's studied the history of the old farmsteads up there, so that makes him kind of awesome.

he's good at making his presentation suitable for whoever turns up, because there might be people who know stuff already, or he might be talking to six-year-olds and he has to make it a worthwhile outing for everybody, which is kind of a tall order.

brian at work

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

Hooray for Brian. People like him who do their jobs well and with enthusiasm, probably for not too much pay and definitely not a lot of recognition, deserve something good. Cookies, maybe? At the very least a shout-out online. So hooray for you, too.


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