Wednesday, September 16, 2015

camp table, take two

for the venture vermont challenge i built quickish at a campsite a table made of found wood and twine.

it wasn't at all an elegant affair, but you could put a couple of bags on it to keep them off the ground which is all you really need sometimes.

but more recently i was out on "the rez" at a different campsite with a general dearth of appropriate camp "furniture", so on one of the days barb was out there, we put my paddleboard under tow and went out in the kayaks to harvest dri-ki in the uninhabited coves.

we found wood for the fire, nice driftwood for table making, and two fat logs that make super lovely endtables.

and i spent a happy day working on design and execution of a new table for the campsite that is both stylish and sturdy.

i'm not good at it yet, but i am learning.

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