Thursday, September 17, 2015

get your shit together.

recently i was checking out a couple of empty campsites and at at the top of the ridge, you know, right where you'd PUT a composting toilet if you had such a thing- i came across a pile of shit daintily covered with toilet paper.

ok, let's start here.

if you are taking a dump in the woods, there's some disagreement as to the proper disposal of your shit depending on the environment. most sources suggest digging a cathole and burying everything if no toilet is available.

NO sources recommend leaving a big pile of two or three days' worth of shit and covering it lightly with toilet paper under any circumstances.

in the case of THIS hatwipe, leaving a pile of shit like this is especially egregiously wrong because the view from the place where this person obviously squatted on more than one day INCLUDES  A NICE CLEAN MODERN COMPOSTING TOILET.

seriously. in order to squat here, you had to ignore the toilet.


in order to squat here...'s hard to ignore a BUILDING here.

i mean, granted, it blends in with the trees and my picture is out of focus, but that is definitely a BUILDING. it's like fifteen feet tall.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Ugh. That's disgusting.

I must give credit to my husband for teaching the oldest child correct outdoor-pooping protocol. He's got the whole cover it up with dirt thing down.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

gee thanks for that visual. :-)


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