Saturday, September 19, 2015

when things go right

i was getting together some pretty pictures to share about a recent camping trip, but i have this one blurry picture that represents one of those fantastic moments in your life and i thought i'd just break it out for you.

i went out and made camp early in the day on friday. barb comes from work on friday and if i want her to be happy about starting my adventures the SECOND SHE GETS DONE WORK i sort of think i ought to do the prep work.

so all she has to do is show up with her boat, her sleeping bag, and her own personal gear.

...and here's the important part: a nice fresh pizza.

and i get a text from her that she's loading her boat and i hop on my board and go to meet her.

it's a fantastic sunny evening, with long golden light over still black water and when i meet her halfway up she is almost the most perfect thing i have ever seen, placidly paddling down the reservoir and SHE HAS TWO PIZZA BOXES STRAPPED TO HER BOAT.

so we stopped right there. i sat down on my board with my feet hanging in the water and we ate pizza in the dimming day.

and then we went to camp.

sometimes life is just perfect.

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