Friday, September 18, 2015

board hanger

i think i mentioned that i got a paddleboard.

yeah, so there's a thing about storing the thing.

and hanging it from the garage ceiling seems like the thing to do, so i went on the youtubes to see if there was a thing about how to do that (because of course there is) and i found this:

so i went to the hardware store and i bought the things i needed, and managed to put it up.

only when i went to put my board up in there, i realized one real problem for me with this design: i am about a foot too short to use it comfortably.

but i had a headstart in that i had a good idea of how the original design worked, so i just modified it so i had a second pulley instead of a front cradle and now i can just put it in the thing and hoist it up.

here's me building it.

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