Thursday, June 08, 2017

2017 venture vermont: Find frogs’ eggs or tadpoles and take a picture

i might have told you that i accidentally went birding with the community senior center of bolton, richmond and huntington. did i? no?

well, a few weeks ago i accidentally went birding with the csc. it happened like this: i pulled into the parking lot at the birds of vermont museum (ingress portals) and there were all these people in the lot gathering for something and they were taking a group picture.

and it's my habit to ask people posing for a group photo if they want me to take the picture so they can all be in the photo so i did and they asked me if i wanted to be in the photo and i said i wasn't with the group and they asked me if i wanted to be and then they offered to lend me a pair of binoculars and i said no need, i have mine here in my bag.

so we all went birding and now i'm on their mailing list and i might be taking up pickleball.


we were passing the pond and the nice young woman who works at the museum was telling us about the FROG AND SALAMANDER EGGS in there which i would have been interested in anyway but *angels singing* VENTURE CHALLENGE!

these are about to be spotted salamanders. they're not yet. they're still in the eggs.

these guys are wood frog tadpoles, and they have apparently just slipped out of their eggs but are still hanging out in the jelly. they're THAT NEW.

good luck, guys.

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