Thursday, June 15, 2017

about that class action thingie...

i eat quorn products. they are excellent for me because while i'm not a vegetarian, i don't enjoy cooking with meat and i think our environment would do a little better if we cut back on the meat consumption.

the quorn line is nice and meaty tasting, and although they don't explain too carefully what
fermented mycoproteins" are, basically, they are using some sort of edible fungus, which sounds every bit as delicious to me as fermented soy anything (although i also enjoy tofu and soy sauce).

but when you do a search for quorn, the top hit (a sponsored one) is this.

did you read down?

it contains these words: "Medical studies have proven that Quorn's fungal ingredient is an allergen, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency still allow its sale."

seriously? because EVERYTHING contains "an allergen". an allergen is not a poison. it is not universally bad for people, just bad for the people who are allergic to that particular thing. the FDA still allows wheat products and peanut products to be sold and last time i heard those also contained ALLERGENS.

i have allergies. i avoid things i'm allergic to. works for me. it should work for those asshats, too.

but yanno. someone's making money off of it.

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