Sunday, June 11, 2017

signs of trouble

under the bridge, above the falls, i saw this:

(appears to be written in eyeliner)
My Dearest Teagan & Damon
I love you with everything I
am I'm so sorry I couldn't
be the mom you deserved
I will pray and watch
over you every day of your
lives And love you through
anything and everything you
go through I loved and cherished
every minute i got to spend with you
all my love,
your "crazy" mom
PS Thanks Mom & Sy
FOR Nothing

(to side:)

you are
my heart
& soul sorry
i wasn't enough

(and at the bottom, apparently a first attempt in lipstick:)

I ❤ you
Teagan &
(change to lip liner? brown?)

above the bridge, this:

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