Monday, January 14, 2013

a point a pair

yeah, we all gotta do laundry.

and i have limited energy for it, as well as a limited attention span.

and i have a lot of socks.

a LOT of socks. because there's a right kind of sock for every situation.

so i find myself playing a little game with sock sorting when i do laundry, which just about focuses my attention on it enough to finish the job.

i get one point for every pair of socks i can match without touching the other socks. i lose a point for every sock i have to move by hand and can't  make a pair.

any socks i move because i made another pair = one free move.
any socks i move because i was folding another piece of laundry = one free move.

i don't actually keep track of the score, because that would tax my attention span too much. it only gets really funny if someone else is here and for some reason they are folding laundry with me.

 "THAT IS NOT HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED!",  i have been known to protest.


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