Wednesday, January 02, 2013

technical difficulties

do you guys 'member a month ago wen i was complaining that my computer had crashed and i had to do a full restore?

some of my little friends suggested that this might be the signs of a hard drive going bad. or other scary stuff.

last night my computer melted down.

and i went to run disk utility and take care of it but first it wouldn't verify and ten it wouldn't repair and it SAID i needed to do another restore but then it wouldn't do that even but instead decided to stop recognizing the backup drive and then to top it off it renamed itself from "andy" to "sc-0307" or something festive like that, which i think indicates a problem.

happily, my backups were scheduled hourly so when i get my machine back (or a new machine) in a week or so, i will be able to restore my files.

sadly, i was sort of counting on using those files to, oh, i don't know, process the pictures and videos and stuff that i wanted to do? you know, so i can show you the rest of the glitch stuff or maybe the pics of the new snohaus or even snohaus from two years ago or maybe just catch on my geocaching logs.


all the stuff i need for that is temporarily unavailable.

i am grumpy about it.

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