Sunday, January 13, 2013


at the end of glitch they extended zilleoween and they made glitchmas come early, just so that people could enjoy all the holiday traditions. it was kind of a mishmash, but none of us cared and we all loved seeing all the stuff and playing with all the stuff.

just before my friend norah logged out for the last time, she asked if i would pull a glitchmas cracker with her. she had never done one and i was honored to be called upon for it.

they worked like this: one glitch would buy one or be given it and then activate it in their menu and then anyone else nearby cold pull the end when the animation sprang up. one fo the pair would get a little treasure and the other one a joke and it was traditional to then cut and paste the joke to local chat so everyone could enjoy it; sort of the equivalent of reading your fortunes out loud in the chinese restaurant.

here's the video.

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ghw said...

Thanks a lot. This made me smile :)


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