Monday, January 28, 2013

midnight rain

i'm still catching up on my cache logs from october because i've never been able to just write TFTC. no, i have to tell the story of it. with links. and pictures for nearly every cache. and sometimes video.

and some people think that finding a lot of caches somehow excuses them the basic courtesy of writing a few words because, after all, they're so busy finding lots of caches that they have no time to do anything but write one log and cut and paste it everywhere.

someone mentioned once that not all caches merit more than "found it, thanks" but how will people know the difference if every log is the same cut and paste?

anyway, i'm all about narrative so for me going caching is about going to see and also telling what happened. and showing pictures.

and because that takes time to sort out properly, i'm often many months behind in the writing.  and i don't always remember what it is that i took pictures of or what i said at the time until i go back and look through my pictures and my notes and sometimes there are some surprises.

like this video:

you may wish to just watch it unexplained, but you also may wish to know that i am sleeping in my car with a bad cold. and that even though i have not clocked any photos for my thirteen project in a long time, i still take a picture every thirteen hours.

i say that as if is explains everything.

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