Thursday, January 17, 2013

facebook, again.

i have a facebook account. this may surprise some of you, but i have one under a false name that i tossed up once when i was trying to contact some organizations who mistakenly thought a facebook page was an acceptable web presence for a business.

it's not.

especially when there are so many free alternatives out there.


i use my facebook account (from which i carefully stay logged out when i'm not actively using it because those bastids will track everything everywhere) - so i use this account exclusively for "liking" articles about why facebook sucks.

outside of the usuals, of of the deep suckages about facebook is that a number of sites i use now have an extra step i have to click through in order to say "no, thank you, i don't want to tell facebook about this" before i go about the rest of my business.

today i went to sign up for a new site i like the look of very much, because it does a lot of the things i like with mapping and makes the maps shareable to your blog or your emails or twitter (which i do not use much but to which i do not object) and i was unable to click on any of the text entry fields.

i could tab through, but not click on anything.


except the "sign in with facebook" button.

i tried it in different browsers. same result.

but i have a collection of little online friends a half dozen of whom happen to be computer techs and none of THEM could sign up either so one of them fired up firebug and spotted the problem: THE SIGN UP WITH FACEBOOK BUTTON.

"The problem is the Facebook button is in an iframe that's 1000 pixels wide and tall, which covers the entire form below.", says my friend.


if you're clever, though, you can enter your information and then reload the frame and if you're quick you can hit the submit button before the facebook button loads and craps all over everything.

because facebook's like that.

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