Sunday, January 20, 2013

man at work

i told you back in october about going to my choir reunion so there's not much to say about it except that i have finally processed some of that video.

i was there to sing and not to be a documentarian, so i just took a few minutes of video from an unobtrusive angle, just to show and to have a memory of what it looked like to be in that choir.

the best of the work in the choir was not in the concert hall, really, but every day at two.

it's a thing larry says over and over: "every day at two".

because for all those years there was this one monster choir and each of us added our spirit and our work as we passed through it but we never left and we were never subtracted and the work went on.

every day at two.

at when we started the reunion rehearsals, larry got up in front of us and said "it must be two o'clock somewhere" and we all knew our places right away.

this video is just a few rough clips from the two days of rehearsal. there is nothing fancy about it and other than it's larry at the helm of the choir, there's nothing particularly special.

it would have been awesome, maybe, to capture a flashy gesture or an insightful comment, but really most of the work was only ever made of the steady quiet work being done all along.

so maybe it's fitting that there's nothing stunning or dramatic.

but there he is.

and we are there.

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