Wednesday, January 30, 2013


today i thought i would like to download and test a new piece of video editing software.

well, new to me.

because i've really outgrown imovie (who hasn't?) but i was looking for something free and useable and     of course i spent some time on the interwebz reading about it, and i found videopad.

their tutorial can show you what it looks like.

so far i like it. it isn't the robust full-featured intuitive interface i'd like in editing software, but it is VERY nice for free and in an hour or so i've figured out enough of the basics to know i can do some cool things with it as i learn.

my test project (which i will show you later) is the video of my cache hunt for the day.

i may or may not have told you that i'm trying to fill in the days on my calendar for which i have never found a geocache and 28 january (yes, i am writing my posts a day or two ahead) is a blank day.

...but i wanted to go skiing!

so i checked the geocaching website and darn if there isn;t a cache just a little ways off the top of the vista chair.

so i went.

later on i will tell you about it.

and there will be video.

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GDad said...

I got an e-mail today that says the National Cache In Trash Out Weekend is April 10-11.


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