Wednesday, January 23, 2013

maybe you shouldn't but i did: spam file

so i was just sitting here at my desk watching a large man walk by with an axe in his hand, which out of context might be alarming, but it's cold today and whoever that guy is (i don't recognize him with the ski mask and all), he seems to be headed over to where my neighbor keeps his firewood.

so i return to what i'm doing, which is casually going through my spam folder.

no, really. there's a thing i wasn't really expecting that might have gotten lost in there and everyone says to check the spambox every now and then just in case.

so i was checking and i found this fine missive:

Good day Sir/Ma,My name is Staff Sgt. Gary Bourland; I am an Americansoldier that served in the US military in Iraq with the army's 25th infantry division, I have some amount of funds that I want to move out ofthe country, e-mail me at (address redacted) for moredetails.Thanks and best regards.Staff Sgt.Gary Bourland

and i know you really shouldn't respond to these things, but i did. here is what i wrote:

good day staff sgt. gary bourland, my name is flask and i am a small brightly colored lizard living in a coffee mug in 25 planes of existence. i have a great interest in moving funds. what funds would you like to be moving? from which countries would you be moving them? will you be moving them back when you are done? will you need a truck? or would a bicycle with a really big trailer suffice? thanks and big wet sloppy kisses, flask

i'll let you know if anything fun happens.

meanwhile, my neighbor is carrying kindling back to his house.


ghw said...

Hahaha :D

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh my!! I love this!
You are a damn hoot.
Thanks....made my day.

Riceball said...

:D Such a brilliant response!

GDad said...

Please do let us know if anything comes of it.


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