Wednesday, January 16, 2013

january thaw

we have it every year, or at least with enough dependability that we have a thing called "january thaw".

in my early years i lived in places where one hardly noticed the thaw, and spring was on its way, anyway, but here winter is just getting going even though we have a beastly week with wam temperatures that messes up our snowpack.

i'm kind of philosophical in terms of what it does to my snohaus and the hours i spent piling snow: although i lost a lot of mass fromt he structure, the simple hugeness of it means that where in other places the grass is showing, i still have a big pile of snow.

put it in a massive pile and it will stay longer.

and that's how snohaus is built. later on when there is more snow to work with, i have a large base on which to build.

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