Monday, January 07, 2013

not paying it

this morning among the usual spam was this message:

Chér(e) Client(e),, 
Nous vous faisons part de ce courrier pour vous informer que nous 
n'avons malheureusement pas pu effectuer le prélèvement mensuelle. 
Afin de résoudre ce problème. 
veuillez vous referez ici
Au cas de l'echec de la regularisation de votre situation, nous procéderons à la suspension de votre 
fourniture d'energie. Cette intervention vous sera facturée. 
Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension. 
EDF vous souhaite la bienvenue et vous remercie de votre confiance. 
Pour faciliter votre emménagement et la gestion quotidienne de votre contrat, 
EDF vous propose des services qui vous simplifient la vie. 
Copyright © 1999-2012.

in case your french isn't all that good, the message would have me believe that my electricity provider, EDF, is going to cut off my power because i have not paid my bill and that i should go to this link here and straighten things out right away.

now, outside of the fact that i am not primarily a french speaker and do not live in a french speaking region, neither EDF nor EDF's french division is my power company, so i have a little look at where this email is actually coming from.

turns out that link there leads you to a page that LOOKS like an EDF site and even uses the EDF favicon, but it's part of a domain that belongs to this shady brazilian design firm.
if you do a little googling of that company, you find that google thinks this site may be compromised.

oh. ya think?


GDad said...

I sometimes think I want to go to these sites and fill in the name and address with my state's Attorney General's information. You know - just to see what happens.

flask said...

gdad: that is an EXCELLENT idea!

GDad said...

And if they ask for a checking account, use the one on your state income tax refund check.

flask said...

you are FULL of brilliant ideas


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