Sunday, August 11, 2013

a visit with my egg lady

king with one of the ducks
i have mentioned my egg lady before.

wednesday i made nice fresh bread and those awesome oatmeal cookies, so i had fresh to take my egg lady and i wanted to take it when it was fresh because that's when it's best.

i went thursday morning and she didn't have a full dozen eggs to spare, but she had a half dozen and sent me with some kale and two cucumbers fresh off the vine -and by fresh off the vine i mean we went to the greenhouse and she picked them.

homer and chicks
also i got a quart of blueberries which i picked myself, and egg lady and her husband were picking currants, so i helped with that and got some of those, too.

it was a pleasant way to spend an hour in a garden without having any actual responsibility for the garden.

while we were picking currants they found a caterpillar they couldn't identify and instead of just killing it on suspicion of being a pest, they went and offered it to a chicken.

while i was picking blueberries, i heard these little peeping noises and i looked over to see homer (a laying hen with kind of housepet status) wandering around with three new chicks that she adopted and hatched out when the guinea hen who laid them stepped off the nest and decided not to come back.

he's watching. and he doesn't approve.
so they're imprinted on homer and the hen who laid them wanders around the yard and doesn't particularly care.

king, on the other hand, observes you closely when you are there.

he's the gander.

he watches everything you do, and he does not really approve. it's ok if you walk on the paths, but if you touch anything he will hiss at you and peck at you, even if the thing you touch is your own bag you just set down for a minute.

i have a lovely cucumber salad and some nice fresh currant jelly. later on i will have blueberry jam and some blueberry muffins.

mmm, tasty.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah fresh eggs - nothing better honestly.

btw - didn't want to leave this on my site for fear of the crazy ass woman who stalks me and goes to my old gym. I have written to the head of the gym. Locally this blonde in spandex is in charge of two locations so I knew talking to her yet again would get me nowhere. I didn't ask for anything I just feel it is important they know what she did. I got some verbage from my PT to assist in me explaining and we'll see. I am sure nothing will come of it because people do not acknowledge others anymore. I would have to be pretty damn rude before I'd hear from them and it's just not my way. Karma will get 'em.


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