Friday, August 23, 2013

once in a blue moon

tuesday night was the full sturgeon moon, a blue moon by the definition of "second full moon in a season" and i was on my way home from my tuesday night running race and i saw the huge red moon just rising over the mountain and i was sad that i didn't have my camera with me but i live a good fifteen minutes east of where i was just seeing the moon come up, and closer to the west side of the mountain, so i figured that by the time i got home if i ran inside real quick and got my camera set up, i might catch the moonrise again.

well, actually i live so close to the western side of the mountian that i had to wait an hour for the moon to come up and then when it did i hadn't guessed correctly how far north it would be clearing the mountain with relation to my desk window so there was actaully a tree in the way until i went out to lie on the lawn.

also since by the time the moon has cleared MY horizon here at home it is high enough in the sky that it loses that spectacular red giant look that it has an hour earlier when it's low on the real horizon, and not the horizon of people on the dark side of a mountain.

still, it made a pretty picture.

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