Friday, August 02, 2013

how to kill anyone you want

their music too loud? don't like their tattoos? just don't like the way they look?

you get to kill them, and in sixteen states it's perfectly legal.

just follow them. follow them closely. it is preferable if you can get them to throw the first punch, but you can simply impede their progress until somehow you are in a fight.

once you are in a fight, you have every right to defend yourself with deadly force.

up until the fight you have no obligation to retreat to safety or avoid physical confrontation, even when instructed to do so by law enforcement officers.

because, hey, you know your rights and basically your rights are to kill anyone who you believe to be a credible threat to your body or property, even if you placed your body and property in their path.

see? it's ALLLLLLL self-defense.

stand your ground.

and if the person you want to kill isn't on your ground, go stand on the ground he's on and defend yourself.

if you are reckless and paranoid, it is open season on anyone you can engage.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sadly this rule only works if you are white though.
See link -

flask said...

oh. i'm sorry. what i MEANT to say, (and thought to be widely understood) want "how to kill anyone you want if you're not a black kid".

because brown people are terrorists and criminals until proven otherwise.

being uppity is a killable offense.

being an actual criminal much less so if you are white. especially if you are rich and white, because if you are rich and white you don't even get fined unless the people you harm are other rich white people.


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