Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hey, i have an idea.

hey, i have an idea.

let's go to war in syria, because we're not in enough wars right now. we are especially not in enough wars with us on the same side as those al-qaeda guys.

hey, why don't we do more stuff with them? maybe hang out? toss some missiles at hezbollah? like pals?

plus it would really distract people from the real issues be cool if we could just blow some stuff up because once the president said if assad crossed his red line he'd have to send troops and he wouldn't want to look all weak or anything in front of the oil companies other countries.

and it's really important to france. we love those guys. you remember the last time we wanted to bomb the crap outta some people and france was all, like, awesome, dude. we're going in, too.

so we owe it to france to bomb the crap outta some syrians because there's money at stake we know which guys are the bad guys. we're swell that way.

see, we have to enter the war in syria because it was US that set up that wacky iraq with all the chemical weapons because they were our oil business associates pals for ten minutes forever and then we had to go start a war over there defend freedom because they had chemical weapons we supported are shocked! shocked and surprised about!  abhor and that's just what we get to do WRONG.

stupid iran, thinking it should have its own government that doesn't have to do what US oil companies say stinking terrorists.

they spoil everything.

countries that give weapons to terrorist groups  need to be bombed back to the stone age.

oh, wait.


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