Wednesday, August 28, 2013


i woke up yesterday with fall allergies in full swing. this is not a surprise to me. it has been going on for a couple of weeks now and thanks to behind-the-counter stuff i almost don't notice.

i wrote some stuff, sorted some photos, and looked up a civil war soldier whose grave i had found. i sent an email to some people in his state who are trying to maintain a database of where the civil war soldiers from that state are buried.

i read more news about syria and tried to decide if the president views government as paternalistic, if the president is wholly owned by businesses and being blackmailed by the NSA, or if he's simply pure evil.

i read that patrick leahy (senator, D-VT) has asked eric holder (attorney general) to appear before a senate committee and explain the obama administration's stupid and contradictory policies on the war on drugs with specific regard to states that have legalized pot. i wrote him an email saying thank you.

i read a thing in which justin amash (congressman, R-WI) keeps insisting that government can't go breaking its own laws and that the president really OUGHT to have a congressional vote to go heap war on anybody, because that's what's in the constitution. i tweeted him a thank you, because he does not accept emails from outside his district.

then i saw the news yesterday that entergy corporation will be shutting down the vermont yankee nuclear power plant. this is an aging unsafe plant that's already leaking and its operators and inspectors have already lied to the vermont legislature and when the legislature decided not to renew the plant's operating license the supreme court decided that a state has no right to close a nuclear plant over safety concerns and that it can't interfere in business.

so it maybe should be a victory there, but none of us gets to forget what mike hebert (R- windham 1) so nicely said on vermont public radio, which is that the people who work in the plant are our neighbors. they are our ambulance drivers and firemen and little league coaches and they are now going to be out of a job.

so no victory dances, ok?

then i went to the dermatologist for two little projects: to get a little actinic keratosis frozen offa my face, and to have an uncomfortably placed skin tag snipped off of my squishy bits.

just for the record, liquid nitrogen applied to the face is extremely uncomfortable.

and probably no surprise to anyone, having any little thing cut right off of your squishy bits you hardly even notice UNTIL THE LIDOCAINE WEARS OFF.

for me, there was the point at which the lidocaine wore off, and then there was the point at which THE LIDOCAINE WORE OFF. those two points were several hours apart. the second one happened just after i thought to myself "well, i won't really run a 5k. i'll just trot a few hundred yards and then have a nice walk."

reality set in very suddenly, and very firmly.

ok, i am done with crotch trauma for the summer. i am declaring my crotchly area to be free of breakings, tearings, bruising, burns, cuts, and abrasions for the duration of the summer.

and i went to bed thinking:


which i think would make a lovely bumpersticker.

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