Tuesday, August 20, 2013

bad driving

yesterday on route two by conant farm i was behind one of their tractors turning left into one of their fields.

a giant tractor is not a fast mover, and it is even more not a fast mover when it is turning left.

but the car behind me REALLY NEEDED TO PASS. so that driver passed me on the left and then passed the tractor on the left, WHILE HE WAS ALREADY TURNING LEFT and in order to keep from slamming into the tractor, the driver of the car had to swerve out onto the lawn.

while accelerating crazily.

i did the only thing i know how to do, which was to follow that driver until i could get a good picture of the car, a dark blue nissan maxima 35 se with vermont license plate AMT 598.

i followed the car to the interstate and then went home and called the state police.

by that time, of course, the driver is long gone. the kid at conant farm said not to worry about it; if she'd smashed into the tractor, the tractor would have hardly had a scratch.

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