Sunday, November 24, 2013


between seasons at catamount they do two things: they rest the trails which helps curb erosion during mud season and stick season and they mark the new season's trails.

side note: in vermont we have six seasons: the four regular ones, and mud season and stick season. mud season is the time between snow melt and when the ground dries out between winter and spring, and stick season is the time between when the leaves fall down and when the snow comes.

at catamount the trails are closed during mud season and stick season, as well as for parts of spring and fall.

the winter trails are different than the summer trails, and the summer trails of one year are different than the summer trails of another year. 
of course, you can use all the same trails every year and just add the new cut, but the marked trails change seasonally which gives people some variety if they like to stick to what's marked.

wen you get right down to it, though, that means that in addition to preparing trails for summer or winter use, old arrows have to be pulled so new ones can be put up. someone has to walk each trail with a screw gun and a pack basket and bring in all the old ones.

sometimes that someone is me.

sometimes i kind of think that what i'm really best suited for is norwegian television, where long-running documentaries about firewood or knitting are extremely popular.

the trails are closed, but the trail designer gets to ride his spiffy fat-tire bike anyway. take a look at his back wheel and showy cutouts!

technically, they're meant to reduce the weight of that huge wheel, but they look cool.


Hundewanderer said...

Fun video.

You actually have a pack basket?! That's the first time I've seen a pack like that.

I had to smile when you said VT has six seasons. Where I live in AZ, we have two seasons - most of Spring, Summer and Fall range from warm to hot, and Winter, is cool but never really *that* cold. It's late November and today it was 70+ degrees, perfect in the sunshine.

Take care.

flask said...

i have to confess that the pack basket, like the kevlar chaps, the tractor and assorted tools belong to teh ski/bike area.

apparently this sort of pack is a common thing in nordic countries, and i'm told it is called a "nordic pack basket".


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