Tuesday, November 19, 2013

signs you're a hatwipe.

ok, so maybe you don't like diane feinstein.

maybe you think she's a dangerous and corrupt tool of the surveillance state.

i do.

but the second you include in your criticism words that are uniquely associated with women or comments on her appearance, you are being a sexist asshole. it's amazing how often you guys think it's ok to call some woman an ugly cow when you don't care for her politics, as if her failure to be sexually available and attractive to you is somehow part of her unsuitability for office.

you will notice, perhaps, that news stories about rob ford center around his crack-smoking and his blackout drinking and his threats to have people killed.  i have not yet heard him referred to a fat/old/ugly/cow, which is a criticism that usually gets tossed on the pile when we are talking about women.

because really, the greater crime is not bad behavior or bad politics. the greater crime is being a woman, and a woman who has bad behavior or bad politics is fair game for being evaluated in terms of her use as an object on which to fulfill men's sexual desires.

i have news for ya, pal: you're an asshat.

moving on to race: maybe you think the president is a lying mealymouthed two-faced scumbag of a corporate shill masquerading as a populist.

that wouldn't be an unreasonable criticism.

but the second you include in your criticism the hint that he is a shiftless watermelon-eating monkeyman you are a racist asshole.

maybe you just want to pile on as much invective as you can, but the fact that you think any woman's sexual attractiveness or availability is part of what you consider to be fair game informs the rest of us that this is really how you consider all women and that you are a sexist asshat to be avoided.

likewise when you are discussing criminal behaviors and you just HAPPEN to mention that the actor in the case is black, because obviously there's a causality.

out here we notice that you are never without your dog whistle. we hear your feeble little aggression and we are not amused. and not only will i not be kind to you, but history will not be kind to you, either. you are a relic of a bygone era already.

i would like to invite you to catch up to the 20th century.

the 21st seems like too much of a stretch for you.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

for the record...fat/old/ugly/cow/clueless dumb ass/ are perfectly good terms for mayor ford. just sayin'

flask said...

yes, but rob ford does not exist for my visual pleasure, nor as an object to serve my whims.

it is only fair to consider his attractiveness to me in his worth if the job he is being considered for is my date to the prom.

since the job on which i'm judging his performance is mayor of canada's largest city, his failure to be attractive or available to me is not appropriately linked to my just criticism of his job fitness.


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